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Perfection, by definition, is unattainable but by its very nature worth pursuing.


Fenco Engineering is an experienced, full-service construction company that is licensed & insured. Our passion for detail & craftsmanship is reflected in each and every project where we will be with you from concept to completion to insure quality, confidence & value. All installations are performed by qualified professionals, so you can be assured that your project will be completed with precision. Our convenient full-service contracting and customer service sets us apart from all others.


How do you explain a culture without sounding pretentious? Simply, at Fenco Engineering we live by the Golden Rule - in the way we treat each other, our clients and the communities in which we serve. We are fair and equitable in our dealings and respectful of others.


We strive for error-free workmanship and continually look for ways to improve results. It may sound supremely fundamental, but this approach is one of the cornerstones of our success.


Fenco Engineering is in the business of constructing homes, but we do so with a higher purpose. We maintain a commitment to integrity, collaboration, wisdom, quality, value, sustainability and safety. We have staked our reputation on our ability to deliver on each of these and pledge to settle for nothing less.